About ivanov artistry

Kat Ivanov - Owner & Lead artist

Kat Ivanov is a licensed cosmetologist with more than a decade of experience helping women feel their best for moments they'll always remember.

She has love for people and a desire to serve. As someone who understands the importance of positive self-image at all ages, her desire is to build relationships with her clients and promote confidence in everyone, helping them face life boldly.

“As someone who grew up shy and self-conscious, my goal is to help you find the best version of you while remaining true to yourself.”


Kat’s love for art and hair began when she was a little girl. She loved to draw and would always create little people with braids. “You should be an artist!” she was told, and art is what she pursued.

She studied Art and Design as well as Psychology at the University of North Texas, but it has always been about the braid. She decided she wanted to paint on a different type of canvas and went back to school for cosmetology.

During the program, she trained under seasoned hair stylist and Matrix Color Educator, Virginia Kolar at Salon Bellisimo in The Woodlands. Kat gives a great deal of credit to her, stating that she fast-tracked her in the salon and apprenticed her for over a year. “Without that opportunity I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Licensed for every occasion

Kat's love for weddings and event styling began over 10 years ago when, in high school, she would do her friends' hair and makeup for proms and homecomings. After working multiple events and weddings on her own, she officially entered the wedding business in 2014, being contracted out by companies in the Houston area.

"I always feel honored doing weddings because you're allowing me to be a part of one of the most intimate times in your life, right before you say, 'I do.' If it's a salon client, it's someone's story that I've watched unfold over the years, if it's someone I just met, it's a new love story I get to hear. Either way, it’s an honor to celebrate with you, help you feel calm, and make you feel as beautiful as possible."

A Professional Distinction

As a cosmetologist, Kat is trained and licensed in the state of Texas to work with all types of hair textures and skin types, going beyond surface value and taking into account all aspects of hair and esthetics.

“There’s more to hair and makeup than what’s in front of you, you must also know what type of hair and skin conditions you’re dealing with.. Everything has a reaction, it’s up to me to make sure it’s a positive one.”

Her strong background in art and design takes her craft to a whole new level, especially when dealing with color and updos. She is able to create looks and see the whole picture, while still being detail-oriented. Everything goes back to the principles of art and design. This along with a strong foundation in color theory make her work more than just cuts, color, makeup or an updo, it makes it a unique piece of art, customized for the individual.


why Ivanov artistry?

We believe that everyone should be able to express themselves however they wish and we recognize that what works for one person may not work for another. This is why communication and relationships with clients are key. If you don’t have a style, we will help you find it, because you deserve to be able to express yourself as the unique individual that you are.

At Ivanov Artistry, we do not discriminate based on race, age, religion, gender or sexuality. We love our clients and our relationships are based upon respect. We also love and respect animals, which is why we offer cruelty-free and vegan hair products, with our airbrush makeup being 100% animal friendly.

We are licensed professionals who have access to the best products in the industry. With Ivanov Artistry, we hope to be your one-stop shop, from your bad hair days, to the biggest hair days of your life – we would love to be a part of them.